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Are you services tied to a contract?

We do not do contracts, we are a month to month agency that believes our results are our contract. However, we do structure our campaigns for a 2-month agreement.

Does it take 6 months to see results?

Depends on what you call “results”. As far as seeing an increase in ranking, you would see a huge increase in ranking within 30 days. Our job is to get you to page 1 and your job is to close those leads that contact you.

Does it matter what platfrom my website is on? (Ex. Wix, Webbly ETC)

No, it does not matter but we do recommend WordPress since we’ve seen the most success with that platform. As far as rankings not getting stuck on the bottom of 1.

Do I need two website to show up in two different locations?

That’s a great question! No, you do not, we’re able to get you ranking for different locations with one website.

What questions should I have answered before considering SEO?

I would consider having sales process in place. Also know what location you’re looking to service and what services you’re looking to offer. Another factor to keep in mind, the keyword nor area you want to service might not receive as much search volume as another keyword.

Example: Huntington Dentist vol 30 suppose to Dix Hill Dentist Vol 80

For receiving traffic, Dix Hill Dentist will be the better keyword.

Is Google PPC better than Organic traffic?

Google PPC works that’s for sure, but it can get expensive. It works for getting calls instantly. I’ve experience getting calls from areas I don’t service and the quality of leads aren’t the greatest.

What does UX Marketing mean?

UX stands for User Experience. Driving traffic to your website is only part of the process. As simple as it sounds but having your website to be easy to navigate and a simple structure. Not just for users but for search engines as well. UX Marketing and SEO is a winning combination when applied for any business.


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