Conscious Clothing

Conscious Clothing designs and create small-batch apparel and accessories using only ethically sourced, sustainable materials. 

Conscious Clothing Intro 

Conscious clothing holds a wonderful culture. With that being said our main goal was to introduce the brand to an audience that care about sustainable clothing while looking good. Even though they had an customer lifetime value their website was converting between .80%-.90%. Industry standard is 3% so there had to be some changes to be made.


 Since this brand had a fairly sized audience on Facebook and Instagram we wanted to pick up low hanging fruit as we got in front of new eye balls. After testing several different audiences our best performing campaign was “sustainability” interest. From there we began to scale while keeping a healthy ROAS as per client requested. 

After making a couple changes to the website to improve the shopping experience we we’re able to bring conversion rate to 1.82%!


  • Conversion Campaign
  • Improve User Experience On Website
  • Re-engagement Campaign
  • Retargeting Campaign

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